New Segment – WWWEWD?

Qualified to solve your life.

We at Postcard Elba are proud and happy to introduce a new randomly recurring piece entitled WWWEWD? Which of course stands for What Would William Elliott Whitmore Do?

Find out more about this wonderful new reader service below.

For those of you who don’t know William Elliott Whitmore, he’s a world traveler who never forgot his Iowa roots.  He has lived off the land, the strength of his back, the sharpness of his wits, the pluck of his banjo and the kindness of strangers.  He built his house by hand and has a menagerie of farm animals under his care.  Spider Stacy of the Pogues calls him the greatest living American songwriter.

Got a life problem that you just can’t figure out?  Need advice on how to pitch woo to that special someone?  Curious as to what brand of chicken feed you should be using?  William Elliott Whitmore is here to help.  Send your questions to with “WWWEWD?” in the subject line.  Will’s answers will be posted here sometime in the near future.

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