What Exactly is Accomplished in a Boycott? – Krist Novoselic Asks a Good Question

"Come on Obama....don't leave me hanging..."

The world remembers Krist Novoselic as bassist for game-changer Nirvana.  We remember him more vividly as playing bass for Flipper’s reunion set at MFNW a few years ago where he kept hitting a certain bass note/effect combo that suddenly made our guts go kablooey.  Over and over.  It was awesome.

Novoselic has a column in the Seattle Weekly where he talks music and politics.  His latest column discusses the proposed boycott of the state of Arizona, and why that might be a little misguided.  He doesn’t offer any real solutions or answers, but the questions he poses in his column are interesting and valid enough we think.  Check it out here and let us know what you think.

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