Tales of the Wild Wooly West with Davy Jay Sparrow – Episode 2

Our good friend Davy Jay Sparrow hipped us to the fact that, in addition to entertaining adults of questionable moral fortitude in the honky tonks of these here United States, he’s also entertaining the bright shining youth of this fine nation with his new web-series “Tales of the Wild Wooly West.”  As we all know readers of PE to be especially potent, we imagine more than a few of you out there have little ones who could use a little education in the history of the last American frontier (not counting Alaska and Hawaii).  Or maybe you’re just a kid at heart who likes a good story.  Either way, pull a log up to the campfire and enjoy the yarn spinning.

And here’s a video of Davy Jay Sparrow and his Well Known Drovers doing their night job during the daytime.  Versatility, thy name is DJS & WKD.

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