Where The Internet Took Us

My God....it's full of self-proclaimed stars....

So we haven’t been posting lately because we’ve been busy as bees attempting to be busy little beavers.  And if there’s one thing all the activity does is make us exhausted, and once we get exhausted we like to listen to sad bastard music.  It was looking for a particular sad bastard song from our youth that lead us to discover this overlooked gem of the internet.

Did you know that in the mid 70’s the Kinks wrote and performed a musical for the BBC called Starmaker?  We didn’t know it either until we went looking for the closing song and sad bastard classic “A Face in the Crowd.”  But lo and behold, some super fan has uploaded the entire thing to YouTube, which we are now reposting for you if only to enjoy the type of mid-70’s cutting edge musical theater that the Brit’s were dropping on fools heads like it weren’t nothing.  These songs became the Kinks album Soap Opera which is a lot stronger piece of work with the theatrical component.  It starts off a bit cheesy, but gets amazing.  Stick with it through the end.  Seriously.  Genius.

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