Where the Internet Took Us

Oh sweet lord we love YouTube for precisely this sort of thing.  You can check out our inter-office IM dialogue about this video below for a glance at the inner workings at Postcard Elba headquarters.

PostcardChaCha 9:51 am
oh jesus

PostcardEditor 9:51 am
its amazing
it makes it look like a serious drama

PostcardChaCha 9:51 am
that’s pretty god damned funny

PostcardEditor 9:51 am
oh god it just gets better and better

PostcardChaCha 9:52 am


PostcardEditor 9:52 am
i’ve always liked this cover
but now i love it

PostcardChaCha 9:52 am
i am kind of surprised you dont’ hate ben gibbard

PostcardEditor 9:53 am
he’s like connor oberst.  he’s written too many good songs for me to hate him

PostcardChaCha 9:53 am

PostcardEditor 9:53 am
also he gets wrongly pegged as being wussy

PostcardChaCha 9:53 am
well look at him 

he looks like a wussy

PostcardEditor 9:53 am
every one of his albums has a song about fucking some chick he doesn’t care about.
that’s not wussy
that’s gangsta
or at least 80’s hair-band worthy
just like dwight

also this is making me realize that ben gibbard sort of looks like dwight

PostcardEditor 9:54 am
we’re posting this video on the blog btw

PostcardChaCha 9:54 am

PostcardEditor 9:54 am
possibly with this conversation

PostcardChaCha 9:54 am


now the world will know how i really feel about that little sissy 

his wife…can’t stand her either

PostcardEditor 9:55 am
save it for another post

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