Tuesday Tip-Off: Th’Empires

Today’s tip-off is the fuzzed out, reverb drenched, rockabilly one man band Th’Empires.

Once a duo with a more traditional rockabilly sound, the latest from Th’Empires, finds lead singer and guitarist Eddy Price also working the kick and hi-hat in one man band fashion.  The beats have gotten a little more rudimentary, but they still provide an effective and driving back beat for Price’s songs.

But perhaps the biggest change up on Strike Back is the addition of a heavy layer of fuzz on the guitar, vocals, and well, just about everything.  It’s an interesting addition live that helps Th’Empires stand out from the guy with a guitar (and in this case also a kick drum and hi-hat), but it also unfortunately robs Price’s voice of all of it’s subtle nuances.  Which is a shame, because few people in the rockabilly scene have a more natural sounding and finely developed voice than Price.  But as the only complaint with the record, it’s a small one, because Strike Back is a party record that delivers the energy of the live show, and it’s a live show you don’t want to miss.

Grab your copy of the album for FREE via download here.

Check out when Th’Empires are coming to your town here.

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