Tuesday Tip-Off: Thousand Arrows

Today’s tip-off is the sprawling lo-fi folk rock of Thousand Arrows.

Combining shambling rock, rootsy Americana and introspective folk , Time Bend from Thousand Arrows effortlessly ties these different elements together via the plaintive and yearning voice of Pete Schreiner.

A mix of both the vulnerable and heartfelt vocals of Neil Young and the more ambitious and melancholy style of Elvis Costello, Schreiner’s singing carries the album through stylistic shifts and emotional changes.  The fact that his voice is partially obscured by the album’s lo-fi production only adds to this effect, giving the listener the feeling of eavesdropping on a really important conversation, picking up pieces here and there of some grand mystery.

Similarly, the production helps add an expansiveness to the music, which is both straight forward and simple, but incredibly effective in showcasing the beauty of both a fuzzed out four on the floor guitar part and a sparsely strummed acoustic guitar.  For lovers of adventurously damaged rock and folk along the lines of the first John Frusciante or Sparklehorse albums, Thousand Arrows is a welcome addition to the family.

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