Tuesday Tip-Off: The White Bread Boys

We’ve had internet issues of late, and so here’s but one of many posts that should have gone up earlier in the week – better late than never.

Today’s tip-off is the old timey bluegrass and folk of The White Bread Boys.

With The White Bread Boys, it seems that Davy Jay Sparrow has figured out how to have his cake and eat it too.  While his outfit DJS & His Well-Known Famous Drovers have moved onto texas swing and jump blues, this project with Chance D Wagner is a celebration of the roots music that was Sparrow’s stock in trade from his early days as a solo performer.  Complete Recorded Works 1923-1932 is 23 songs from the earliest Great American Songbook performed expertly, but not clinically.  So often modern groups will pay disservice to this material by reproducing a sterile or forced version.  Not here.  The joy and spirit is easily evident on CRW 1923-1932 which makes it both the perfect introduction to the material for the kids today and a reminder to the seasoned roots enthusiast as to why you fell in love with it in the first place.


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