Where the Internet Took Us

Sitting around thinking about The Goonies like one does lead us to looking up the trivia of the film, which is where we found out about this little gem.  From IMDB.com

The soundtrack includes “8 Arms To Hold You” by “The Goon Squad.” It was removed from the film when the octopus scene was cut. The filmmakers were convinced the song could be a hit, so it was pressed as a 12″ dance single. It sold miserably due to lack of promotion. It has become one of the rarest, most valuable Goonie-related items.

And of course like everything in the universe, it’s on YouTube.  Enjoy the awfulness that predicted a million anime nightmares!

One Comment to “Where the Internet Took Us”

  1. Whenever I think of The Goonies, I remember finding this band called The Advantage that covers Nintendo video games songs. Here is one they did of the theme song Nintendo game The Goonies II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuOFscVpfZ0

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