Tuesday Tip-Off: We Are th’EMPIRES

Today’s tip-off is the latest from psychobilly stalwarts th’EMPIRES.

th’EMPIRES is a group we’ve written about many times before, and it’s our pleasure to do so again as We Are… is not only another fine high energy release from the group, but is an impressive step forward as well.  While only three songs, this e.p. clearly demonstrates a new era for Eddy Price and his revolving band of musicians.  The dirty fuzzed out edge that the band has always had is still in full effect, but it’s finding a new balance in attention to song structure and melody.  Price has always had an amazing voice, and on this release we finally hear it embodying its full potential to croon and wail at the same time.  Bringing this to the forefront is a new approach to songwriting that balances the kamikaze pedal to the metal blitz that the band is known for with dynamics, turn arounds and multiple parts that give the songs a more classic early rock and roll feel.  This is most evident on the second song of the e.p., “Guitar, Bottle of Wine” which packs pop smarts and a catchy refrain with enough swagger to make it sound like a ballsy lost Stray Cats cut or the most accessible Rev. Horton Heat track ever.  If this is the direction that th’EMPIRES are headed than we can’t see anything but good things in the future for and from them.  The e.p. comes out Nov. 25th, but you can pre-order yours here.


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