Postcard Elba is run by Postcard Editor who in various past lives has worked as a tour manager for rock and roll bands of varying shapes and sizes, helped run a tiny indie label, toured the world in tiny unheard of bands, booked for various clubs, ran sound for various clubs and for one miserable year worked as a music publicist.

He is assisted from time to time by Postcard ChaCha who is Nashville royalty. The granddaughter of Fred Foster (founder of Monument Records and all around Music Legend) and daughter of a member of the Charlie Daniels Band she is currently and unfortunately working as a music publicist (seriously, it’s a shitty job).

Regular contributors include Virgil Dickerson (Suburban Home Records) and JD Short (bassDbler).

Postcard Elba is based in Bloomington, Indiana and we will often write about musical things that have a connection to our fair city, but being the savvy world travelers that we are (and with access to the internet) we will also write about things that have no connection whatsoever to the ‘ton.

We have an email address and you are welcome to write us at it.  It is postcardeditor@gmail.com

Our headline image is from a photo by Birch Miller.  He is a great guy, and does a cool photo/poetry blog with his lady – which you can find here.

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